Jim Killen - Wildlife Artist and Conservationist

"My career as an Artist has brought so many wonderful people and opportunities into my life and I am forever grateful to God for that gift! I love what I do and hope my paintings capture a cherished memory or bring a sense of joy to those who view them." –Jim Killen

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Jim Killen -Biography Wildlife Artist Jim Killen's Biography - Jim Killen - Wildlife Artist and Conservationist
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Jim Killen

Jim Killen is a master artist whose career has spanned over forty years and has developed a large and fiercely loyal following. His art cuts to the heart of the outdoor experience and will endure for as long as people treasure their dogs, gamebirds and waterfowl, and the unspoiled places that bring them all together.

As a dedicated conservationist and avid sportsman he merges his passion for the outdoors into every facet of his life. Jim spends hours with his camera recording the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors with his own sporting dogs by his side. His affection for their spirit and loyalty is readily seen in the intimate dog portraits that have earned Jim the reputation as one of the great dog artists in the world!

Jim brings his commitment and experience to wildlife and conservation organizations with his remarkable gift of painting. Ducks Unlimited has honored Jim three times as their "International Artist of the Year", and named him one of the "All-Star Artists" for Ducks Unlimited 75th Anniversary celebration in 2012. The distinctive style and quality of Jim`s art has generated millions of dollars for various groups including the National Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited and more than twenty state stamp conservation programs.

Jim Killen has received numerous honors and awards over the years including:
  • 2014
    • Mn Waterfowl Hall if Fame 2014
  • 2012
    • International Ducks Unlimited "All-Star Artist" for the 75th Anniversary Art Program
    • Minnesota Pheasant Habitat Stamp
  • 2007-2012 - South Carolina Duck Stamp–A Six Year Series
  • 2005 - Featured Artist Pheasants Forever "Pheasant Fest"
  • 2004 - National Wild Turkey Federation Artist of the Year
  • 2003
    • International Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
    • New Jersey State Duck Stamp
  • 1999 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award - Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN
  • 1998
    • Georgia Duck Stamp
    • Illinois Duck Stamp - A Five Year Series
  • 1998 - Illinois Duck Stamp - A Five Year Series
  • 1997
    • "Target 2000" National Wild Turkey - A Four Year Series
    • U.S. Art Hall of Fame Inductee
    • Received the Thomas Jefferson Award for Community Service from the American Institute in Washington, DC
  • 1995
    • Kentucky Duck Stamp
    • North Carolina Duck Stamp
  • 1993
    • International Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year
    • First of State Illinois Habitat Stamp - A Four Year Series
  • 1991 South Carolina Duck Stamp
  • 1988
    • Idaho Duck Stamp
    • South Carolina Duck Stamp
    • Quail Unlimited Stamp
  • 1987
    • National Wild Turkey Stamp
    • Quail Unlimited Grand Slam Print
    • Southeastern Wildlife Expo Artist of the Year
  • 1986
    • First of State Vermont Duck Stamp
    • A Four Year Series - "The Four Seasons of Vermont"
    • Georgia Duck Stamp
  • 1985 Minnesota Pheasant Stamp
  • 1984
    • National Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
    • Pennsylvania Duck Stamp
    • North Carolina Duck Stamp
  • 1983 South Carolina Duck Stamp
  • 1980 Minnesota Conservation Award

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